I didnt know where to post this so I'm posting it here,
sorry if this isn't the right spot.

Alright so I have an Orange tiny terror and its made in Korea
but i've been hearing that they are now made in the United States

Is this true?

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Guitar gear and accesories is the right forum. But to answer your question:
It's made in China.

Oh so the new ones are made in China.
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sounds much more likely to be the right place then
Guitar Gear & Accessories

check to make sure your in the right section
if you are unsure

ask in the New Members Q&A Forum

check before posting
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The SG Thread pwns your thread.

You've only made 2 threads, but both of them have been in the wrong forums.
Please visit this thread: Important: New Members FAQ
In addition to other things you'll want to know, it has a brief description of each UG forum. This will help you know where to start your threads.

Good luck.
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