So, I just rewired my guitar, epi g-400 and there is no output from the neck pup. Everything works fine, just no sound at all from the neck pickup. Is it possible a bad switch? I checked and re-soldered the joints and it remains the same. Could this be a bad pot? I only use a 30w soldering iron.
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It "could" be many things...

Faulty pickup, faulty electronics, faulty wires, etc

If everything else works, it sounds to me like the neck PU's hot is leaking to the ground, check again and be sure that there is no contact between the hot wires and ground.
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Bad switch maybe?
Bad switch most likely.

Here's how an LP toggle works:

- When the toggle is in the middle, both sets of leaves make contact.
- Push the toggle down, and the back end of it pushes the upper leaves apart.
The lower leaves are still making contact.
- Push the toggle up, and the back end of it pushes the lower leaves apart.
The upper leaves are still making contact.

This is not a "robust" design.
Add to this the fact that the switch in your Epi is poorly constructed with inferior materials and it's little wonder that many of them fail even the guitar is a year old.

It's not 100% certain that your switch is failing. Something else could be the problem.
But chances are...
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If the neck pickup were grounding out, then the middle position would be dead as well. If on middle position you are still getting the bridge pickup by itself, this indicates an open circuit on the neck side.

If in the middle position, the bridge pickup stays on when you roll down the neck volume, the the problem is most likely a connection at one end of the wire going between the neck volume pot to the switch. Could theoretically be the switch here as well, but it's uncommon for this style switch to completely fail in this manner - when they do go bad, you can still generally get some signal by wiggling it around. Of course it could be it, but my first guess would most likely be a connection in this wire.

Or if you roll down the neck volume in the middle position and it does turn the bridge pickup down and off, then the problem is likely either in your connections from the neck pickup to the volume pot, or a bad pickup itself. This would confirm the switch and it's wiring to the pot are working correctly.

What or why did you rewire - it may seem like insignificant details, but it can help to know in problem solving if you change any components, pickups, or just took it apart and put all the same parts back together.

Edit: those switches do suck, by the way, and if you're doing any rewiring anyhow, it's hard to justify putting that thing back in. The stamped dimples they call contacts inevitably corrode and wear in short time, and connections get crackly and intermittent. The Switchcraft toggles will come with good, hard, durable contact points either welded or riveted to the leaves, and will work quite fine for decades. Those dimpled contact switches are typically to crackly to bear within a few years.
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