I've been saving for quite a while now and have worked up enough money for either a 15 watt'ish tube amp (blues jnr, ac15 etc.) or a boss Gt-10 multi effects unit
i play mainly in the bedroom but some gigs using pa/school amps...
i haven't nailed myself into one style yet and neither has my band so effects at some point (at least a decent distortion) are a must... but i'm wondering if it's worth the extra time saving to go for an amp now and individual effects later....

all contributions will be greatly appreciated
I'd go the GT-10 route. It has different amp models in it as well as a powerhouse of effects. Well worth the price of admission.
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What amp are you using now? A processor may not fix it.
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Quote by scott58
What amp are you using now? A processor may not fix it.


What amp are you using? A nice tube amp + the GT-10 for live is pretty hard to beat. I'm using an ENGL Blackmore + the GT-8 for effects and I have no complaints.

Good amp is far more important than effects though, get a good amp first if you don't have one yet.
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^ this, get a good amp and then worry about effects.
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