Hey UG

I'm trying to find some nice new pick ups for my strat. I have a Fender American Standard strat and my amp is a fender power chorus. I use a Ibanez TS808 and a digitech hardwire valve distortion (and a wah, lol). I like a very fat and rich sound. I'm really into John mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Hendrix. Though, I want my pick ups to be rich sounding, I do not want to loose the twangy sign. strat sound. Let's say I want my distorted sound to get close to mayer/vaughan, and my clean close to dire straits.

Thanks in advance
why yould you lol at a wah?

Anyway, I'd recommend combined pickups. The most fun I've ever had with a strat was when my friend changed the bridge and neck pickups. I can't remember what the middle one was (something with "Texas" in it) but the bridge pickup was replaced with a pair of hotrails. The best twangy strat sounds are made with the middle and neck pickups anyway which is why most people who want a versatile guitar go for the humbucker-like pickups in the bridge position. 3 different pickups: 3 times the fun if you ask me...

But regardless of that, I can highly recommend Suhr single coils. Whether you want just 1 for the neck position or 3 of them for the whole guitar, if you're looking for responsive strat pickups with a vintage edge to them those are about the best you can find.

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get some lace sensors they sound really nice. get the gold or hot gold versions they are good for pretty much anything.