Basic question here, just hoping to get some discussion about various delays that are out there. Right now I'm running a Line 6 Echo Park box at the beginning of my effects chain, and I want to add another delay at the end. If all else fails I could just get another Echo Park, but would rather have something else that'll add more tone variety and such to my board.

The thing is though, I really don't like using echos that don't have a tap tempo. I tend to use long echos in a lot of our stuff, and live w/o a tap is just too hard to get right on. The problem is that I haven't been able to find many other pedals out there that have a tap tempo built in, or a jack for an external tap. The only ones that do seem to be getting up there in price.

Any suggestions on pedals to look into or any knowledge on building/mod-ing pedals to have a tap would be awesome.

There is a ton of delays with tap-tempo, you have not looked closely enough. For example, the boss DD-7(external tap) TC-electronic nova delay and the Vox time machine.
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What's your price range?

Line 6 DL4. A couple presets and a tap tempo built in. I'm guessing that's over your price range though, so look for a used one.
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