What do you have if you have a full english breakfast? toast (or french toast) eggs, sausages, beans black pudding (aka blood of the devil amazing) sometimes beans
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Everything available besides beans tomatoes and mushrooms. To hell with vegetables. Black pudding is particularly awesome.
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Bacon (2 rashers)
Fried Egg (egg in any other way is unacceptable)
Sausages x 2
Toast w/ butter
Black Pudding

Extras may include fried bread (grime), Fried mushrooms or fried tomatoes.
$1.99 Breakfast at Mcdonald's anyone?
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Bacon, Egg, Sausages, Hash Browns, toast, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, fuck it shove the lot in. I'm a pie and I don't care.
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Mushrooms are fkin rank. Whats with the hash browns? Just put some maple syrup on there while you are at it.

I just read other countries put sweet stuff on french toast, ill have to try that.
The works, except french toast and the tomato
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Black Pudding
Fried Hegg
Fried Bread

Basically, everything except mushrooms...

Black Pudding is the most awesome thing ever... even if it is just blood and rusk
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Hugh Grant
David Beckham
Margaret Thatcher
Gordon Brown
Keith Richards (ashes, snorted)
The Queen

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