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So, basically this is a thread about just random **** thats happened to you.

I've had the most random **** happen, i can't remember them all, but theres one thats kinda weird.

So, everyone knows what a Mankini is right?
The yellow thing?
Well, i was at Surfer's on a holiday, just taking a stroll down the beach, as you do.
Then. Lool. Out of no where, in the middle of Winter, some guy just walks out of a car wearing one O.O
It must have been a dare cause his mates were in the car laughing and throwing **** at him, but it was really unexpected.

Oh oh, and the other day, i don't know if you call this random or just plain luck.
We were standing near a water fountain, and this guy was skateboarding past, and my friends chanting under his breath "Stack Stack Stack" then 2 seconds later, he stacks.
Ahh, we lol'd hard.

Ok so maybe it isn't the funniest stuff, but its 12:40am and im tired and i cbf remembering more, so when i do ill post it up.

But for now i wanna hear yours.

So, i wanna hear your random experiences UG PIT!!

Get posting/commenting, whatever you call it.
Please stop saying random. Every time you say random I get a little more homocidal. Who knows? If you keep saying it I might even kill a kitteh

You wouldn't want anything bad to happen to the kitteh would you?

OT this one time I was at surfers and I got dared to get out of the car in a mankini and all my friends started throwing stuff at me and then all these punk kids where staring at me
One time I rolled this fair die and it came up with a 3.

That's when I lost Risk.
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Fish don't gots no good metal to listens to.
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The laws of Entropy tell us that everything is random, just to different degrees.
breaking hearts
breaking guitars
I got bear hugged by a large Albanian man after telling me he loves me... Weirdest morning ever...
Demolition hands.... Got 'em!
When I sold my guitar on kijiji to Myles Goodwyn The singer/guitarist of april wine.. I even had ticks for the show that night he played the guitar for a song!!
eugh i was in the middle of labs and this chick sneezes, then says to her partner 'ha, random sneeze.'

I then punched her in the back of the head, and yelled 'No bitch! THAT was random!'
I once killed a girl because she overused the word random.

That was pretty.....

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By your excessive use of the word random i can tell you are a young teenage girl.

+1000 views to TS
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+1000 views to TS


Definitely glad I checked .

It was the only task I would undertake...

I P R O G reap the harvest that was mine

- [ P R O G - H E A D ? ] -
Remember pre 2006 when people actually used the term 'random' in the correct way?

'I went to the bank today and got money out omg it ws so random lol'

That's not fucking random. Pressing square at the character select screen in Tekken 2 is random.
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A homeless man ran up to me and started yelling "WOULD YA LIKE SOME PEANUTS IN YOUR KAZOO?" then he ran away. funnest day ever
So that with good courage we say, “The Lord is my helper. I will not fear. What can man do to me?”

-Hebrews 13:6
I used random white noise to factor random numbers from. Then, I clicked on the random article button on wikipedia and then took the word in that article that was the appropriate amount of words in from the top ( depending on my random number list) and I did this many times until I had a long list of random words. Then I wrote them down on paper and put them in a hat and picked them out and made them into a song.

OMG SO RANDUMB, and yes, thread starter is a 15 year old girl, and she only has 19 page views so far. UG, I am dissapointed in you.
I got a hair cut today and now my hair looks pretty girly
bob cut!
My girlfriend can't stop laughing at me
I was in a bakery. Behimd me were standing two guys wearing hats staring at me. When I looked at them one of them said "We are wearing hats!" I just looked at them nad after this really awkward silence I said "I know".
Oh, you wouldn't want an angel watching over
Surprise, surprise, they wouldn't wanna watch
You've seen those Nintendo Wii videos out about on the internet, the ones where people throw around the Wii remote a bit too violently, causing it to crash into the T.V.? Happened to a friend of mine while I was there, although it crashed through a window.

It wasn't random, I've never seen him use one of the armband thingamajigs, just really unexpected.

S t a i r s s r i a t S

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Some guy shot my boss, but failed to shoot me.

do you , by ane means, have anything to do with CoreysMonster?
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No!? Who's he?
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so like, one time you guys, like this totally random thing just happened to me! like out of no where!! I was like browsing the pit (as if that's not random enough olololol) and like, OMG. I find like this thread, which is about random stuff happening to you! Isn't that like so random and like ironic at the same time?
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I was shooting some hoops with some mates at the basketball court.

When a naked guy ran by.

Signatures Are Stupid
i see nothing random here. these are all just slightly humourous stories.

random is when something happens that is unexplainable, like the time i found a policeman in a box. literally a room with no doors, and only a window that looked out onto a back alley that i was pissing in at the time.
Oh he's something random for you guys
I just won 6000 pounds on a scratch card BOOYA!!
Spoons n cheese! LOL, pineapples!

LOL im so randum!

Using the random number function on a calculator will give some random results.
So just SHUT your face, and take a seat,
'Cause after all you're just talking MEAT...

Are You a PROG-HEAD? I am.
I found this thread in my boredom! How random!!!!!!
Warning: Stupidity Detected!
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By your excessive use of the word random i can tell you are a young teenage girl.


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This, atheists talk about religion more then religious people.

So I went to the store to buy some Pepsi and when I got home it was Diet Pepsi...
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Iceland has the coolest women.
most of this is awkward things, but not really random
Warning: Stupidity Detected!
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So I went to the store to buy some Pepsi and when I got home it was Diet Pepsi...

Happened to me before.

I cried and contemplated suicide.

I'm a fat fuck but damn I loves me some Pepsi.
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Why don't they just send 4chan to Iraq if they're so good at these so called "raids"?

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I once got hit by a flying wig. Either it was a wig or someone was headbanging far too hard.
i just posted 'ug ftw' in ts's profile
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I would join in and make it an orgy, f*cking my father up the ass while he gives it hard to my sweet little pumpkin, culminating in me cumming all over his bearded face. that what you wanted to hear?

I bought a Kit Kat but when i ate the Kit Kat it was completely chocolate, no biscuit.

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I'm a fat fuck but dmn I loves me some Pepsi.

don't worry, about half the pit's posters are fat fucks too!

This is a pretty random story. It changed my life. So listen up, UGers.

I was at the playground just chillin, shooting hoops, you know. When I put up a sweet jumpshot but it banks off the backboard and hits these guys in the head. They're pissed and the chase after me. I tell my mom about it and she freaks out. So I'm going to stay with some relatives for a while because she's scared I'm going to get hurt =/. We get to their house at about 7 or 8, and that's where I am now.


PS the cab driver smelled bad.
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don't worry, about half the pit's posters are fat fucks too!

I'll have you know I'm morbidly anorexic
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