I find myself writing about the same sorta things in my poems and was wondering how you guys find new things to write about.
I often find myself under fear of writing down something cliche. I constantly try to find troubles that are, quite obviously there, but haven't been delved into yet.

Why not write about the walls we build around society to "perfect it"? Write about social pressures to conform, write about the terrible things you hear about people doing, subtle or not, to climb a rung in popularity or richness.

Though the recent genre on lovesongs might be seen as cliche, I feel as long as its powerful enough, write something down about it.

Anything great enough to evoke extreme emotion is worth turning into lyrics, IMO.
All my lyrics start with just writing a verse or maybe a chorus, not even thinking about the meaning, just making it sound good. Then finding out how to make that part of an abstract story that has both a literal and metaphorical meaning.

Try it, it's easier than it seems.
I am the meek.

And I shall inherit the earth.
Who cares, you can write about the same thing over and over if you want, there's no need to ever write about anything else.

If you do get the feeling to express something about another topic, then do so. Forced drivel is drivel, no point forcing it.