Hi there eveybody
Just wanted to say you guys have a great forum here with alot of good info.

I need money in the bank account. I don't want to sell my guitars so I figure the pedals must go. All of these pedals here are in PERFECT working condition!

I am also throwing in 3 HOSA patch cables so you can link them all together. Here are the pedals followed by the link to their specs:

1)Dunlop Cry baby wah, the includes the power supply;
2)Digitech Hot Rod Rock Distortion pedal, includes original box
3)Digitech Multi Chorus Pedal

4)Visual Sound Overdrive & Compression Pedal(2 pedals in one housing) Its the model right before they changed the look, it has the same capabilities.

If anyone's interested please email me, at work I can't access the forums, Just my email: Kanfish@gmail.com
Thank You
Still for sale?
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