Well i'm planning on getting a Dimarzio Evo bridge pickups for my Ibanez Rg350dx and it says do i want F-spaced or Standerd now i have no idea what that means so if anyone can give me some clarification on it i would be very happy ^^
Also if anyone has got that pickup could you tell me how it sounds =]
F spaced are wider to go on a guitar with a Floyd-Rose bridge unit.
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It even explains it on the Dimarzio website.

F spaced are for a string spacng of 51.5mm, standard spacing is 48mm - the pickups themselves are exactly the same size though. RG's use F -spaced in both neck and bridge.

More to the point though, why do you want them if you don't even know what they sound like?
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Well i do know what they sound like but only on steve vai's guitar i just wanted some background on how they sound from you guys =]
and thanks a lot
Well, they have a lot of treble and are very articulate. Why do you want Evo's? Just because Vai uses them?
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