This is a new Pop Punk song I finished, my friend told me it's early sum 41 sounding, I honestly think it's Blink 182, oh well.


Yes, poop.
Definitely more Blink than Sum...but i think the verse sounds a bit too much I Won't Be Home For Christmas
It was a good listen though, could probably be something on Blinks new album lol, i hope they don't **** it up. Not much to say about it, if you have a good vocalist you're set lol, thats really all that matters for the genre imo.
There... wasn't an Ab chord. There was an Ab octave towards the end, which was fine.

I don't like using the major second like you do (in this case, in the riff, B [technically Bm, but still]), but that's not just this, that's in general.

But I liked it. It was one of those not-amazing-but-still-fun-and-good songs. I likes. You should use markers or whatever they're called to divide up the song more. Could use some more leadwork, perhaps in the second verse, nothing complicated, just to add some variety and flavor. Vocals would fill out most of the repetitiveness. Good song.

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