Why, I have some problem with bending lately. As easy as this technique goes. I find it really difficult to bend when I'm in a high speed passage. The way I usually bend is to make my fingers become a right angle with the fingerboard and bend so that the strings above the string I'm bending rest on my finger nails. This way, the tips of my fingers don't need to suffer great force and pain. However, when I'm playing fast and bend, it's really hard to angle my fingers like that, so very often the strings were forced on my finger tips causing great pain.

Is there anything wrong with my technique ?? and how can I improve this ?
the action on your guitar must be pretty dam high if the strings go above you fingernails
no. you don't get what I mean. I meant that I "curve my finger to an 90 degree then bend" so the my finger nails will push the strings upward, not the tip of my finger. Is my technique wrong ?

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So your not bending the string by fretting the note with your fingertip and then bending?

I didn't know you could do it another way. You push the string with your nail??
Just slide your fingers upward but keep the rest of your hand in the same place if you get what I mean, don't move your whole hand. It shouldn't cause you pain.


Look at his 3rd finger, it isn't at a right angle from the fretboard. I don't see how that's possible, just copy the picture.
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