Any other fans of this great band here? they were one of my favs back in the 70s-early 80s and went to see them every time they came to town (including one show that had Thin Lizzy and AC/DC as opening acts what a concert that was) they played here 3 years ago and still rock. buck dharma is a very underated guitar player. he's notvery flashy but still manages to get the point across.
I've only heard don't fear the reaper, but I love that song
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I saw them 2 summers ago and they were cool, it was a very good show musically, but some of their songs get a bit boring to me...... they're great though, just not my favorite
Yeah man.. First I had only heard their really famous ones: (Don't Fear) The Reaper, Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll, and Godzilla. Thought it was pretty sweet so I checked out some of their other stuff. Slightly different, but I really dig some of it.

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