On some videos I have heard that you paint the frankenstrat white then red then add the black stripes. I have read on the Internet that you paint it black first then white then red. Can someone give me the right order and a good tutorial for this. Also my guitar body has a big square in the middle for the pickups (two humbuckers). How do I fill it in or do I just leave it
white red black...

you want to go from lightest color to darkest, otherwise the paint won't cover well... if you try painting white on black, then you'll need a bunch of coats before the black can't be seen through the white.
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He painted the original black, then white and years later added red:
(Quote from Wikipedia, Frankenstrat)
Eddie painted the guitar black. After it was dry he put strips of masking tape on the body and painted it white. This would be the black and white "classic" version of the Frankenstrat. In 1979, Eddie put more tape on the body and painted over that with Red Schwinn Bicycle paint.

You can see it in this picture: Hi-Res image of the Frankenstrat
If you zoom in on the left horn, you can see black stripes on white background, meaning black had to be there to be masked off. Also you can see the black shine through the red, making it the most recently added color.

Hope that helps.
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If you want it like Eddie's original it goes black, white then red. You'll want to go light on the red too. If you look at Eddie's there are 2 shades of red. This is because the red looks lighter or darker depending on which color (white or black) is under it. Here's a link to the thread I made on mine. You can use it as a guide to make yours.
Here's a link to the thread (by aceshigh16) that I used to make mine.

If you look at Eddie's Frankenstrat from the first Van Halen album it's white with black stripes and it's the same guitar. He just taped it off again and sprayed the red on it.
I did mine black, white and then red...turned out great. I suggest trying on a scrap piece of wood and see what works the best for you...
The easiest way would be to go from darkest to lightest. The most accurate would be to do it in the order he did it. The most interesting would be to do it in different colours. (yes, I know that makes me an outcast, but I think someone should do an original version)
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I used to have it with a yellow body and black stripes with a white pickguard but I used acrylic paint and it looked horrible.