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IK Multimedia Stealth Pedal
2 20%
Line 6 POD Studio UX2 with POD Farm
8 80%
Voters: 10.
hey UG
i was looking to get some nice recording software and ive narrowed it down between 2 things

IK multimedia Stealth Pedal
Line 6 POD Studio UX2 with POD Farm

Theyre both 200$, i like that the Stealth is a pedal
but i hear the Line 6 is better

can anyone help?
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What I Do is Use Audiogram 3 and plug pedals into it so i don't have to use crappy distortion from Garageband/Logic Express. It comes with cubase but i didnt try it out yet. If you don't have a mac just use the cubase that it comes with or acoustica mixcraft..i think its called that. Audiogram is only 100 bucks.
Im gonna say neither

Adobe Audition is great

Audacity is great
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I really like my friend's POD Studio. It's a great recording solution and for 200 bucks you can't exactly go wrong with something like that!
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newither of the products you posted is 'recording software'.

I'd take the Stealth pedal out of the two, based mostly on the fact that it comes with Amplitube,. which is excellent.

As for actual recording software, I strongly recommend Sonar Home Studio or Reaper.
That Stealth Pedal looks really cool, never seen that before.

Neither one is a recording software, as already stated, I'd suggest you download Reaper as it is the best of the free recording softwares and is quite powerful considering.

I have a UX2, it's a great device and POD Farm is an awesome software. Amplitube, I've tried before and I just wasn't too impressed by it at all, even though people seem to rave about it around here. The Stealth seems like it'd be cool if you need to switch between distortion and clean quickly (I assume you can do that with it?), but the UX2 is more useful if you want to record vocals or mic an amp; it also has Phantom Power, which will allow you to run a condenser mic with it.

Basically, either one should be good, it's just up to you to decide which features are more useful to you.
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adobe audition is full of functions and easy to use.

just get a good sound card if u dont want delay time between real playing and hearing from the speakers..