My Phase 90 has a very obnoxious volume/mid-boost when engaged, which makes it very nearly unusable in a live/rehearsal situation. I plan on clipping the R28 resistor which seems to be the common remedy around the net. Has anyone done this? My real question is do I simply take wire cutters, cut one end of it and be done? Is there anything besides the four battery compartment screws that need to be removed in order to reach the R28 resistor?


EDIT: Went ahead and did it, and it works marvelously. Google "Phase 90 R28 Mod" and you will get a diagram of how to do it. You basically cut one leg off each of three designated resistors, and the volume/mid boost is gone. I haven't been able to fully examine any tone changes yet, as I tested it at low volume. Tonight's band rehearsal will decide the true glory of my victory!
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