I'm looking for some good 80's hair metal heavy and clean stuff. I want kind heavier distortion stuff like Dokken, Dio, Scorpions stuff like that, And lighter stuff like Def Leppard, Dokken cleans. Anyone got any suggestions? I was thinking of the SD George Lynch Screamin Demon and something else.
just throw in some dimarzios or seymour duncan. Make sure you don't use active pickups. I have a Dimarzio Pro Track and it can get some pretty good hair metal tones, on various amps that I use.
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dimarzio super distortion II or the steve morse sig pickup

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Seymour Duncan JB or Dimarzio SD, The Dimarzio's will be better for the heavier stuff, but the Seymour Duncans will do the heavy just fine, and be better at the softer stuff. I would go with the JB, but some people, depending on how important the heavy side is, would go with the Dimarzio.
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