When I ever I play Legato type stuff for about a half-hour, my arm kinda gets this wierd numb feeling.
Its not a cramp because I try to Massage it but taht doesnt work.
The feeling is down the side of my arm (the side that your pinky is on).
Does this happen to anyone else? I tried the searchbar and no results came up...
try stretching before you play....maybe your guitar is in a funny position causing you to pinch a nerve too or something....
Pit's not a docter, yeah, maybe you're tired, heal it with a searchbar??!11?
Alright, douchebaggery is out of the way...

Just try to experiment with the position of the guitar and your wrist, eventually I suppose your wrist will strengthen and it won't hurt, but it shouldn't, so try to find a more comfortable way to play.
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