why do you want this tabbed 'for you'? it's not complicated in terms of hearing how the parts relate - if you can play the riff then you should be able to easily tab it yourself and will get more from doing so than just playing from someone elses tab.

The solo is a bit more complicated i'll admit but if you are struggling to tab the main riff i don't see how you 'could' play the solo

i'll give you a start though cos i'm nice - The main riff is in C major and starts with a hammer on from C-D (3h5) on the A string. you should be able to work from there if you know the major scale as the other notes are all from it
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I've figured that much out already, its the bit after that i can't work out, i'm sure i could give the rest of it a shot if i knew what to tab, but i can't work out the rest, it all seems either too high or too low.