work in progress, some people will get it some will not.

one more breath
heart beats slow
your feeling now
loss of muscle control
colors fade away leaving only shades of gray
their's nothing else to do
besides sit and watch the day

(Chorus) 2x
Your running
I'M chasing
your leavin'
I can't keep Up

Hold it deep inside, let it out slow
not much left to see
not much left to show
like bodies in their graves
with nothing left to save
you slowly rot away
there is no yesterday

Im runnin, your chasin
I'm leaving, you'll always catch up

do you feel it now?
toes are disapearing
do you feel it now?
like smoke in your lungs
do you feel it now?
a still constant desparation.

thats all i got for now, Its a work in progress
c4c thanks
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Shawn Lane Rest In Peace!
Rip Dimbag
and sadly Rip Roger "Syd" Barrett gone but not forgotten
and more so recently Brad Delp
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Alls I can say is great job man, another verse possibly, but other than that it's really good.

Sorry I'm not much of a crit
i agree with guitaryay, excellent writing but perhaps insert a verse somewhere.. maybe a small one before you go into the chorus, so you have intro into verse, into chorus
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