Noob question, sorry...

Will my computer's soundcard affect my recording quality if I record via audio interface, then load it onto my computer to edit*?

Something in me wants to say it will.. But if I'm not really screwing with the sound itself, just raising and lowering levels, I don't think it would, would it?

*Minimal editing... Simply removing/adding pauses (end/beginning of songs respectively) and some balancing/panning.
it shouldnt unless your pluggin your guitar up directly to your computer.
Nah. I'm plannin' on gettin' an audio interface to record into, then send it from that to my computer, which doesn't have an external sound card. lol
yeah dude I have one. I would have to look at the name to tell you what it is, but my problem is If i plug my guitar into it, then run it into my pc and have the audio output to my pc speakers (you can use a number of diff programs)

The problem I have is i get a delay. like I hit a string, and it takes like 1.5 secs for the sound to feed.

This makes it incredibly difficult and I cant figure out how to fix it.