Hey all, up for trade/ sale is a mint MXR Carbon copy. I bought it a couple of months ago and finally decided it isn't really my thing. I was really hoping to trade this for a Fulltone Fulldrive 2(Mofset preferred), so if anyone would like to trade for that you got a deal, I'd throw in some money. I've also been thinking about an NYC Big Muff and money, or just money. If you have anything interesting to trade me for let me know, I'm open to anything but another analog delay or Vox wahs. I'm really looking to trade rather then large amounts of money changing hands. I'm listed twice in the good trader thread. Hit me up!
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you know you wanna trade it for something in my sig

We talked briefly on that remember? If I cant find a higher end OD like a Fulldrive, we can negotiate again ha. I forgot to mention a have a crate V18 I'd trade with the Carbon Copy if the trade was for another amp, I.E. a 112 Valveking. Can also throw in money if that was the trade.
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If I come into some money I'll look into buying. Will keep you posted.

Just let me know. Also looking for an SD880, would add money to trade obviously. I also have a Washburn HSS strat copy I'd throw into a trade if need be. Located in NJ.
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