All right, so I'm just wondering, I'm thinking about recording from my amp to my recording interface, but instead of plugging a microphone, of just plugging my amp from the effects loop (send) to the interface. Would it fry anything if i do that, is it a dumb idea, or could it work ?
the reason i don't want to turn the amp on is that it's a 40w tube amp, and that to get a good tone and enough loudness to be picked up by the microphone, i'd have to make my parents and neighbors scream =(
I think its a dumb idea seeing as an effects loop isnt there to be recorded through.
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No you probably wouldn't fry anything, but you will need to run the signal through a cab/speaker simulator such as voxengo boogex in order to get a decent sound.

Bear in mind that you wont get any power amp distortion this way, so it wont sound as good as actually turning up your amp.

I would reccomend you look into amp simulator vts plug-ins if you want to do quiet recording, it removes the risk of you damaging your amp & saves loads of wires. I think theres a thread on amp sims in riffs & recordings.
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It can work just fine, I do it with my Blackmore. You do have to realise that you still need a load connected to the amp for most amps, and you would only be recording the preamp. I think that soundman might have plugged it into a poweramp of some sort prior to sending it to the PA.

As the above user said, you can use impulses to simulate the cab, poweramp etc.
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