Hey Guys,

I love playing guitar and learning new things on it, but I've been bugged recently by trying to learn the Muse - New Born Live Solo. I want to learn this thing so bad, but I am not very good at learning things from watching them.

I was wondering if anyone could perhaps find a tab for guitar or tab it out for me to learn. I would be forever in that person's debt and would start learning it straight away

The solo I'm on about is this one:


(If you cannot tab the last bit for me, I'll understand :P)

Thankyou in advance!
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well, i can tell you that all he is doing is improvising in the general area of what is played in the studio version. so it is basically the studio version with more notes. if you learned the studio version i'm sure it wouldn't be hard to play something similar.
Oh ok cool I kinda just got stuck at the tapping bit. I don't know if I tap right in general :S

But thanks for the help!
i don't think he's tapping though. you know he uses a whammy pedal set up an octave?
No I didnt, i dont even know what one of them is sorry lol

Forgive me, I'm a beginner to this sort of stuff, but i know the basics