q-tuners, Apparently these are the worlds first neodymium powered pickups, whatever the **** that means.

i noticed an add for these on project guitar and had to click it, they look cool.
whats the big deal/difference about 'em?

are they any gooood?

Loads of output as far as I know.

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IIRC, they're designed to amplify the guitar's natural tone, rather than add their own flavour.
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Putting the medium Z and a matched high Z in my RG7321, I'll make a thread about it at some point. They're very interesting, very crisp definition, very hard to describe. I'll post sound clips when I get around to it.

The guitar fetish pickups apparently use those magnets.

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Cord makes some. They're his absolute hottest pickups (and they're fricking hot).
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im pretty sure ive only seen them being used for clean tones, sound pretty sweet...

but i would like to see someone put em in a metal guitar, and see what they sound like...

hey did anyone see that awesome video about them? with the weird guitarist dude?
(i couldent find it on yotube no more.. i think they deleted it, it was kinda lame, yet so funny...)
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The SOBs, right? I want to try one, just to fry a SS amp.
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thats the only video that the site links too

but that guitar sounds freaking awesome...
even tho i like metal...
i think its a 8 string? am i right?
(thats also why i dont want a active pup on my 8 string build, i wanna do clean too..)

hmm, if they sound good for metal, maybe i might get one of these for my 8 string build?!
thats if i make it, and i hope too.
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i made a thread about this just a few months ago..

you searched right?
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I downloaded a demo of their bass pickups compared to some bartolinis from talkbass, but they sounded the same to me. Could just be my wubbish speakers though.