Ok, as the title says, I'm looking for a decent electric guitar for beginner level playing. I'll put a price limit of $200 on it. I plan on doing alternative and classic rock style songs, but nothing really heavy or fast. I don't care too much about the color as long as it's not pink or yellow. Brand doesn't matter either, though I do have an Alvarez acoustic right now. As I said, I'm just looking for something decent to learn on. Any suggestions?
Agile AL-2000. You can order them from rondomusic.com
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the squire starter packs are about ur price range, and the come with a strap, amp, and cable.
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just dont buy a begginer pack whatever you do. Yes, they seem like good deals, but they always come with really crappy guitars and really crappy amps that your going to want to replace only after about 2 months of playing. Other than that, any guitar at guitar center will be a decent begginer guitar.
Epiphone Les Paul Special II maybe?
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Go second hand on something that new would cost more around $300, second hand is always the best way to go.
Used is a nice way to go, I got myself a used (8 month "as new") yamaha pacifica 112vcx for 170€ (~240$) when they retail for 260€ (~370$) without a single scratch whatsoever, just needed to do a little setup and it was doing great. for under 200$ I'd look for Squier AFFINITY (not bullet) strats or Yamaha pacificas (012, 112, maybe a 112v if you find a nice deal). I'm also just a beginner but I think it's a good advice, I researched about a month :P
Thanks for the suggestions. There is a music store about an hour and a half drive away that sells second hand/refurbished guitars. I'll have to check them out next time I'm out that way.
+2 to the Agiles, and the rg312mh.

What are you doing about an amp?
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the squire starter packs are about ur price range, and the come with a strap, amp, and cable.

i agree, get a squire, or a really cheap fender, but don't get starter packs whatever you do!
Just Don't get a starter pack (I made that mistake and each day I kick myself for doing it) and you'll be fine
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A question for the OP. Have you already become hooked on guitar? Meaning, you are fully dedicated to learning it now? If so, I would save up a little more and get yourself a nicer guitar. If you still arent sure though, see if you can snag something decent used. I remember once I got hooked, it was only a matter of months before the gear acquisition wishes kicked in. I would suggest looking for a nice used mexican strat, which you could probably snag for $300.

If you still arent sure though, just get a squier strat.