just improvising for a bit. sorry my english!it might not rime is just the way i feel now. Thanks for reading!

hate love because i hate you
and because no one can explain what it is
random girls getting with random guys both wasted!
they call a feeling what the priests call a sin!
where is the love my friend i wish you could tell me
but I know you dont know what it means
you met a girl two days ago and you sleep in the same room
i dont think cupid is involved in this thing
sex and lust both good friends!
the honest love is dead!
and all his enemies are dancing pleasured
because he wont come back again
Only the truth and the justice went to his funeral
and both are already in the hospital!
while this world is dying
we celebrate it partying!
Cupid's bad twin has come
throwing arrows of madness and ignorance
and we're all his targets
feel the lust in your mind!
sex and lust both good friends!
the honest love is dead!

haha i know its not really good, i dont even have a rythm for it, just feeling like posting it. please dont be too harsh! hah
Oh my god. I gotta be honest man. That sounds just awful. Like horrible christian metalcore or something. Are you 10 years old?
hah i know is not really good i just improvised it without checking it again