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Big fingers, small fingers, medium fingers... doesn't really matter. You just encounter different problems. People with flexible, strong fingers do best - and both those attributes are developed with practice.

The above quote is taken from another thread.

Finding topics on getting your fingers stronger is pretty easy. Since it is a much discussed topic you should know about it or should have an easy time finding out.

But personally, I have never seen a topic on developing flexibility with your fingers. Flexibility is obviously important, just as important as strength. What I would love to do is to post some exercises to improve your flexibility. Unfortunately, I have no experience in this field and lack any ideas on helping one's flexibility.

That being said, can someone post up some exercises to improve flexibility. I'm sure this will benefit many here, me included .
practicing different scales all along the fretboard should help, thats what i do
it's almost entirely about proper posture. if you have your guitar on your lap, you should be able to stretch from fret three to nine. If you play with your strap too low, you can't stretch as easily.

So, if you have your strap at a reasonable level, and you have your knuckles on the front side of your fretboard, most stretches shouldn't be difficult. Also, you don't need to have your thumb behind the fretboard all the time. If you're stretching on the high strings, try forgetting about your thumb, and lower your whole wrist to a more comfortable position.

Look at your hand palm side up. Stretch out your fingers. Notice that your pinky goes out to the side of your hand, and your index goes out the other direction. They almost make a right angle. I've noticed that some people forget that your index finger stretches out the side. The center of your hand should be in the center of the stretch.

It is possible to increase your stretching a lttle bit, just by literally stretching them. Spread your fingers apart with your other hand. Push one finger open and the adjecent finger closed.
The part that isn't about posture is mostly about relaxing the hand - any tension in the hand stops you from being able to reach as far. Super relaxed stretching is tough.

The best thing for imo is to play plenty of tricky chords, you'll be holding them longer than every note in a scale and they work so many small muscles and tendons. Not to mention it sounds nicer than scales.
Well, Flexibility is essentially a by-product of learning new ways to play guitar in terms of fretting.

Just learn songs by other artists that require big stretch and practice that.

Playing Stuff by Gilbert and Vai helps, cause they have big hands, and naturally you see that back in some of the stuff they play.

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