So I'm starting to check auctions as a new way of getting some deals on great gear and came across this. The auction site says its a Martin, but Im not sure which model it is and what a reasonable price to bid would be? Does it look real and how do I spot fakes if I go to the auction? Picture below is the only one provided. Any help would be appreciated Thanks!!!!

I would ask for more pics, but the auction is tomorrow morning early. I should have clarified that this is an actual auction where I have to go and physically bid on the item (someone is moving and is having everything auctioned off) . This isn't an online auction. What should I look for in person? Are there any signs of spotting fake Martins?

edit- Def. does look like the 28 or 35
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Very helpful sites. It looks like the best way to tell is to look on the block where the neck is attached for a stamp of the model. Ideal situation would be nobody shows up and I get an amazing deal on this : ) Thats kind of a long shot, but I am not ready to pay big money since this seems to be an expensive model