Yeah so i want to have a good sound for clean blues guitar/ heavy metal guitar/ dirty blues/ ac/dc stuff.... etc....
i have a mark five combo amp and i use a LTD m-200 fm and a gibson sg worn wood.

how would i arrange the pedals i have to get the best all around tone?

Digitech Whammy reissue
original dunlop crybaby
os-2 boss overderive / distortion
dd-3 delay
visual sound volume pedal
Brian May signature pedal
fender st-1 tuner that i run into the volume pedal

any suggestions will help
Dang you have a nice load of pedals. I'd start with the OD pedal and then run the effects in order of how much you use them.
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I ****ing hate you man.

You have a mark 5 and don't know how to dial it in... You don't deserve that amp.

Nice pedals BTW.

Do you actually use all of them at the same time? If not, i would take out anything that isnt necessary.
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tacos are an excellent source of everything thats in tacos
trade the OS-2 in towards a noise gate. thats a double whammy as far as eliminating noise goes lots of people seem to like the ISP Decimator

EDIT since I just saw this assanine response:

You have a mark 5 and don't know how to dial it in... You don't deserve that amp

lots of people struggle with EQing MESA amps because of the active EQ. its not as easy as passive EQ's. TS you have a great amp and there is no such a thing as someone who deserves equipment more than someone else

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thanks i'll look into the noise suppressor. and chaimwitz, i've been playing for 5 years and the only other amp i've had is a micro cube. so forgive me if i'm not a bleeding expert. and i use everything all the time except the brian may....so i'll try to sell that. btw. i vouch for the mark 5 combo amp. u don't need a great dirty head and cabinet. this thing packs a punch. all u need to do if u want it louder is to mic it.