hey all looking for advice on obtaining a new cheap strat (maybe a squiere or the like) for under 250. dont know where to go...
any suggestions?
You can get a used Fender Mexican for that. Also, the Squier Classic Vibe series look pretty good.
Go to Rondo Music. You can get like two and a half crappy strats for that much. They're actually not that bad.
Get a used MIM strat off craigslist or ebay. They aren't crap though.
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A Mexican Strat is a good idea for the price but I don't know if you'll cop that at 250 (maybe $300 flat), they come in colors you generally don't find in the American produced Strats, for example that turquoise/baby blue or that groovy purple. Of course you can find all kinds of deals between ebay and craigslist. I'd steer clear of anything with squire on the headstock.

EDIT: wildwildwes594 you were on the same thought pattern as me, that's crazy!
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Right now MiM Strats are all over my local Craigslist seen a couple nice guitars with cases go for $300.00 look used. Upgrade the pickup's, replace the nut, locking tuners = A super nice guitar thats always in demand and holds it's value well.
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