Poll: Have you heard of facedesking (Like facepalming)
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View poll results: Have you heard of facedesking (Like facepalming)
Yeah, I've heard of it.
23 51%
Never heard of it.
22 49%
Voters: 45.

Never heard of it before, but someone said it's been around awhile. I just found out about it in this conversation (I was Fluff):

[21:05] <Ridley> waht's fgt? (nobody tells me these things) 
[21:06] <Socialist> A charming gentleman of a diminutive nature 
[21:06] <Ridley> ah... 
[21:06] * Ridley cocks his head looking confused. 
[21:07] <Fluff> Someone who is uhhhhh..... pitching for the wrong team. 
[21:07] <Fluff> Eh? 
[21:07] <Fluff> You catch my drift? 
[21:07] * Jim rolls his eyes 
[21:07] <Ridley> uh, sure... 
[21:07] * Ridley is really confused now. 
[21:07] <Fluff> A little uh.... different. 
[21:07] <Fluff> Eh? 
[21:07] <Fluff> Gay? 
[21:08] <Fluff> Eh? 
[21:08] * Jim facedesks 

Just wondering who else has heard of it.
It's EXTREME facepalming. This calls for a new smiley!
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that'd be mighty hard to do without a desk present....unless you plan to facewall. Which you'd look like a fool.
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It's EXTREME facepalming. This calls for a new smiley!

Carmel, we need a new smiley!
Of all the retarded internet-speak you see around, this is the one you haven't heard of?

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"Only reserved for extreme bouts of failure, Facedesking is one of the greatest ways to show how stupid you think someone is." - Wikipedia

Also, I have facedesked IRL once, it hurt.
I find it more amusing that "Ridley" "Cocked his head"
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