My family is a lot of what keeps me inspired to play guitar. I like to wow them by playing some of their favorite songs. Problem is, I dont really know too many of the older bands that arnt as popular as the Beatles, Aerosmith, Stones, ect. ect. I'm working on Southbound again, by dire straits, but then I dont really know what to work on. I'd like to play some full songs, and I've been playing for about a year.
Some of the more popular songs I know all or most of Are

Sultans of swing(rhythm)
hey joe
little wing(working on too)
day tripper
hey hey
and a few more I'm forgetting. Most of the people I play for are over the age of 40.
I'm not too shure what to work on next. Anything popular, but nothing too hard an obnoxious.
sunshine of your love and more than a feeling are two songs that I can play full through, but I've only been playing for a couple months.
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the eagles - hotel california
scorpions - wind of change ..or.. send me an angel
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Doobie Brothers - Listen to the Music, Long Train Running and China Grove
Foreigner - Anything from the '4' album

...anything that was played again and again on the radio 20 years ago that doesn't get played much now