Song 1 rough draft is a rough draft of a song i just recently wrote. Its all guitar. I recorded with a line 6 POD studio i just recently got. It needs to be rerecorded later which i plan on doing but I really want some input stat. The solo is sloppy hear and there and i WILL fix it later so please don't tell me its sloppy lol.

Song 2 sample part of another thrash style song, guitar only once again. Its just what i have so far, hopefully it will be finished soon.

C4C please look at both on my profile and leave a link to the song you want me to look at. Try and be as detailed as possible



hmm stealer ive never heard a megadeth song that sounds remotely like this and holy wars definitely doesnt sound a thing like this. can't do much bout the sliding but im in the process of rerecording the solo

Thanks for the crits
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Not too bad. Clean quality and the song has nads. I like that. Without other instruments for texture though, it gets repetitive, so I can't say too much about it really. What you DO have is well done and it's got a good fell to it. Nice hooks and riffs, but they won't have their full impact until you get drums, bass, vocals, etc. in. 4/5. (Song 2 Sample) I'll look at the other one another time, but I don't don't have the time right now.
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The only complaints I have about the first song are the fact that you can hear the strings squeek every time you slide a chord and most of the rhythm parts are almost exactly like a Megadeth song.. I think it's Holy Wars but i'm not sure to be honest.. Oh and the solo was sloppy :P sorry couldn't resist
i like the tone of the rhythm guitar in song 1, reminds of early Annhilator, but less technical

and don't be afraid of gallops (although you probably are not), there is no such thing as too much galloping in thrash