Well, it finally happened; My old guitar cables have started to die, lowering sound quality as well as cutting out regularly. That confirmed, I'll need to get a new couple of cables (All of 'em went out at the same time, I think due to a storm. Confirmed each one is dead seperately, with different guitars and amps). Any good selections?

Also, I strung a .011 onto my High E, as opposed to the .009 it was set to take. Will this warp my neck? I've got an Epiphone LP standard, and right now, and right now, I've got 2 seperate .011 strings on (High E, and B). Will this be an issue with action or warping, due to it not matching the set? I know it's mildly tougher to bend with, but I'm ok with that for now.
not tht imma a pro but Live Wire Advantage (the one in the plastic casing) is pretty good opposed to my experiences with monster Cable...+ lifetime guarantee
monsters are the best cables aparently not that i would know since i never had the money to buy any the only cables i get are cheap 15 dollar crap
Mogami cables are what I use, never had a problem. Did have one monster cable, but wasn't happy with it.
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If you want cheap but good you can go to Walmart and buy some First Act cables


eww.... i hated the cable that was included on my Epi starter pack.

and +1 to Mogamis
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