Evertime i am sweeping on more then three strings, it seems my fingers move faster then my pick, sometimes vise versa, but when i speed up one hand to match the other, the other one speeds up even more, im really getting annoyed with this. any ideas to help?
unfortunately, the only thing you can do (and the only thing people will tell you) is to practice, and start slow, and speed up, until they're synchronized at every speed
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I'll tell you what everyone else is going to tell you. Start slow homeboy.

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Start real slow.. as slow as you need to get them in sync. And practicing with a metronome helps alot. Good luck
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Seriously, there's no easy way to go about it. Start slow, and practice for a long, long time. Once you get over the first hump, it gets easier.
^exactly... and well metronoming helps too, start at a pretty slow comfortable speed. Play at that speed for a few mins. and then speed it up a little, then slow it down a little... but before you speed up or slow down.. make sure you have it all entirely clean... go like this for a bit.. n you'll get it down soon enough
well when it comes to the metronome, i have a hard time matching the notes with the beat. lets jus say this for example, when i use three string sweeps, i have no problem matching with the metronome, going up and down twice in one measure, but with foru string or five string sweeps, then i i cant really hit my root notes of the sweeps at the right time and dont know how many times to sweep per measure. that make sense?
sweep in odd orders (triplets, 5s, 7s)
start on a different note
strengthen your fingers and wrists
improve your technique
play the guitar backward (facing you), not possible to fret, but learn to pick