G, C, Aminor, D, F, E, Eminor.

These are the first ones i learnt. Look up chords to songs like, With or Without you - U2 or Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd.
pretty much every song is easy. just look up the acoustic version of your favorite song
check out www.totallyguitars.com, I go there all the time. It's amazing. You can learn everything and anything. They've got chords, theory, beginner lessons, and the dude on there is on top of his ****.
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cause easy chords on acoustic are different to easy chords on electric
If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all
First chord I learned (and I learned on an acoustic) was Eminor. I think it's probably the most straightforward and least painful. Then once you know that you can move onto E (only adds another finger). Then go for Aminor (same finger placement as E) and then move onto C etc. If you need to know the finger placement for any of these chords just plug "E chord" (or any other chord) into google
Learn your standard majors first A, B (bar), C, D, E, & F (bar)

Then learn your common minor chords Am, Bm (bar), Dm, & Em

You should be able to play most anything with those chords.