Although the first two were a little cheesy, I still enjoyed watching this every summer. But I have not seen an advertisement for one this summer on either VH1 or VH1 Classic. Is there not going to be one this summer? Or are they done it with it for good? Any thoughts?
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If they stopped, then it was pretty suddenly. The last two were made to be very hyped up. Although, The Who aren't too popular among people who watch VH1 (Maybe classic, but I don't know anyone who listens to the Who and watches New York Goes to Work..), so it's possible it didn't get very good ratings, and decided to stop
I thought the Who one is pretty well done although I'm not a big fan of them. The only problem was that "Vh1 Classic" played constant Who concerts and t.v. shows after the "Vh1 Rock Honors" for a long time and it made me sick of the who.
I supported BUSH.
I DO NOT support OBAMA.
Zooey Deschanel = Amazing
What was the first one?

I love The Who and all the tribute acts so I loved it. Pearl Jam was astonishing.

JacobTheMe: ^ You mean the Flaming Lips?
The first one had ZZ Top, Genesis, and Heart I think

but I agree Pearl Jam's cover gave me goosebumps
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The first one was Foo Fighters honoring Queen, Godsmack honoring Judas Priest, All-American Rejects honoring Def Leppard, and I forgot who honored KISS.
Second was ZZ Top, Heart, Genesis, and Ozzy. I dont remember any of the young bands who honored them, except I remember Alice in Chains teams with a country singer to do Heart

The first one was awesome, the second meh (I dont like Heart or Genesis), and last year sucked, I dont like the Who and the fact they only did one artist and not four is lame, which is prolly why they're not doing it again
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