I have a Shecter Tempest Custom and i have no problem making it squeal on my 30 watt crate, but the squeals never sound very good on my Raven half stack.

Is this amp known for having this problem? can i fix it? what amps are good for squeals?
Which model Raven? And what kind of "squeal" are you looking for? Dime-type, or something else?

I'm willing to take a wild guess and say that your crate is SS, while the Raven is tube, but I can't be sure. If so, then you just need to either turn it up, or add an OD to the mix in order to distort it properly.

Awesome guitar by the way.
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i dont think the ravens a tube
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All the Raven's are solid state. If I had to guess you might not be getting enough distortion or gain?... Raven's in built gain sounds piss bad, but when I add any of my distortion pedals along with using the gain channel as a boost it sounds really good.
Both are SS. yeah, the gain is pretty crappy. I'll try it with my friends pedal to see if it helps.