i screwed over the pickups in my esp and want to replace them with pickups that put out alot of distortion, pick up pinch harmonics extremely well and are reletively cheap.....if there is such a thing. i like the sound of bullet for my valentines guitars but dont want to buy a jackson any help would be greatly appreciated.


what exactly did you do to your old pups? anywho blackouts or EMGs would work, but you might want to get a high output passive in the bridge and something a little different in the neck if you dont exclusively play metal

also whats the pickup config?
Whats your idea of cheap?

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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my idea of cheap is max $120. the holes they would go in fit dual humbuckers. standard on esp m-50s.
Have $200 to pay for quality. You're only cheating yourself if you cut corners.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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you might have to get lucky on craigslist for that to happen, or you could try GFS
k whats a good $200 pickup for metal only? i have 2 guitars and the one its going in is gonna be the one that does like drop c tuning and stuff like that. the other one will handle the other stuff
for like 300-350, just save up a bit more for a sustaniac and sh-13, super high output, and the sustainer can make super long lastin harmonics and get great cleans. btw if you dont know which postition for each, sh-13 for bridge sustainiac for neck
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so put it in the bridge pickup hole?
i found it at musicians friend for $95. you sure we're talkin bout the same one?
i bought almost he same guitar, its an mh-50. i stuck a seymour duncan distortion in the bridge and a jazz in the neck. i think it sounds really good, i use the bridge for rhythem playing, it gets really nice pinch harmonics. the neck pickup only gets used for solos and the occasional clean song. its about $125 for 2 seymours and thats in your range isnt it?
if u want to spend more id say go for actives but they cost more and u have to replace the battery which sucks ( i got emgs in my 7 string)