I'm a lefty, and I want to know about your opinion of converting a righty Thunderbird into a lefty. Please advise me whether this going to work out or not. And please, also tell me the bass parts I have to change, such as the nut.

And if you don't think that converting a Thunderbird into a lefty is such a good idea, then please tell me the reasons. Because I heard someone say that if you convert a Thunderbird into a lefty, the bass would balance better, because the strap button would equalize some of the weight of the neck.

(And if you don't think the conversion is a very good idea, then please also tell me about your opinions of a left-handed Squier vintage modified jazz bass, since that is my other choice.)

Thank You.
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the squier vintage series is much better than any epiphone bass i've ever played so i recommend just buying on of those to save yourself time.
it will balance well.

it won't sound too great, but will balance better than a Fender style bass.
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Why not buy a decent lefty bass?
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Its probably not worth the hassle. Even if you set it up perfectly it would probably sound dodgy anyway.

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Most Thunderbirds are already reversed body so by converting into a lefty you'll have it the original way round. The only thing you need to change to convert it is the nut. Obiously you'll have to swap the strings and do some major intonation alterations on the bridge.

While you're at it, get some new electronics, Thunderbirds sound so bad they make god weep. /flame

edit: If you havent already bought the TBird get a Squier or an Ibanez (preferably not Affinity series), they're cheap instruments reliable enough to gig with.
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