I'm gonna share some licks I've attempted. I've lurked here for a bit and its time to interact. I've been playing for 2 years now. I got a late start (in my mid 30's) and travel for work (2 to 3 weeks a month) so my practice is sporadic. That being what it is I swear it takes me 2 - 3 times as long to do anything than it should. I only wish I picked up a guitar 20 years ago as I don't think I enjoy anything else hobby wise at the moment.

The clips are in order of when they were recorded with the first being about 4 months ago where I spent the most time "trying" for the recording. That first one really got me thinking how I needed to speed things up as I never attempted to play with drums and at true timing. Yes the second is sloppy. The third is slightly passible, no? And the last was recorded today and sucks bad as I literally just started playing the clean portion today and the speedy part yesterday. I included it only for my guage later as it was the shortest amount of time I practiced something before recording it for later comparisions. It's also the first time I tried to push switches and change pickups so I needed to cut a little dead space out of the recording. I will record again when I practice it more and learn more of the song.

So without further delay; Behold my suckness:

*EDIT - I moved clips to my profile. Ultimate-guitar is awesome!!! I never realized the profiles were like that.

They were recorded with a POD XT mixing in guitar pro 5s tabs for the drums and bass with Garage Band. The tone and mixing is the best part considering I have never done that before. I like the pod for low volume playing and simplisty of recording.
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