So i have an old Soldano cab, i dont know exactly what model it is, i bought it from a guy from an old 80s metal band, And he customized it. It has the x12000 speakers in it, and dont get me wrong, they rip. They have a nice tight low end and they do a good job of smoothing out nasty crunchy sounds. i play melodic death metal (In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Amon Amarth, etc...) I run a Peavey 6505+ and i think it sounds good, but i want more low end and more chug. I was going to get a new cab, but i do like the lead sound mine has, so i figured i would replace two of the speakers so i can have the best of both worlds. I was thinking g12t-75's or i have heard good things about the bass responce of the swamp thangs. Anyone have experience with either of these?
Nice cab.

so you have a 4x12 cab and you are thinking about replacing 2 of the speakers with something else? Swamp thangs may be a good choice but not sure how well for metal. Why not Vintage 30s, WGS Veteran 30s, or maybe a Eminence Man O War? I think those may be more suited for metal.....What Amp head do you have? Gotta know. Do you want a British flavor or American flavor speaker? Gotta know.
I have a Peavy 6505+ and yes 4x12 and want to replace two speakers. I have played v30s, and i dont think they have the huge bottom end i am looking for, they are too similar to the x12000
I have a cab with for g12t-75's and I'm not sold on em, they are broken in and I don't like em all the much. I'm probly gonna install warehouse veteran's in an x and see how that goes.

But yeah, not a fan of em really.