i recieved my first tube amp, a new crate v50 for christmas and i figure since that time i have probably put 3-400 hours on it.

i always let it warm up for at least 30 seconds, usually a minute or more. i dont remember any time where i did not let it warm up for that long.

for the past week or so i have been back and forth between it and my spider (yeah, i know) because i have been playing around with effects and crap that i only have on the spider. usually i just leave the crate on standby while im playing the spider. sometimes i do not go back to the crate, i just shut it off after it sits on standby for a while.

tonight i did the same thing, but when i went to play on the crate again, i got this loud popping noise. it reminded me of a heartbeat. seemed to be popping at a regular interval as well. i shut it off and tried again, and i was getting the sound of the guitar, however, this only lasted about 30 seconds or so and it went right back to the popping.

let it cool for a bit then tried again, and same thing, but this time it quit completely. now when i flip the power switch there is no power, the light is not lighting up and neither are the tubes in the back. tried different outlets, i know they work because i had other things plugged in, and the power cord is in fact still connected to the amp. i have tried everything i can think of but it will not even turn on anymore.

is this a blown tube, or do i have another problem? if it is a tube, was this caused by me leaving it on standby for an extended period of time, or are they just worn out? i appreciate any help.
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ive gotten the heartbeat type thing on my windsor and ive been wondering what it is. it happens on my practice amps too so ive been assuming its due to interference from my cell phone or fluorscent lights. idk why it wouldnt turn on though
what would cause the noise and the fuse to blow all of the sudden? i played it a few hours ago and everything was fine.

it could be interference but i doubt it because i have noticed it when i put my phone near the amp before this incident, and the sounds werent the same. before i could just hear the noises in the background, now the noises were the only ones i could hear.
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Say your friend was high and doesn't know what he's talking about.
well i checked all of the fuses (i believe there are only 3, is this correct?) and they are still all good. the amp still will not even turn on. i have tried different outlets and everything else that i can think of. any other ideas?

i have a cry baby wah and that has also been giving me trouble. sound goes through it when it is off, however when i press down the pedal to switch it on the sound cuts out (after it turns on), just like when the battery is dead in it. however, it doesnt matter if there is a battery in it or if it is plugged into the power supply that i have for it, it does the same thing.

the only thing that i have done different over the past few months is that i got a multi-pedal power supply (1spot i think is the brand) from guitar center. other than that, i havent changed my setup at all or even moved any of it for that matter. are my two problems related to my power supply cord? i cannot think of anything else, it seems very weird that i would have a problem with both my pedal and amp not turning on within a couple days of each other.
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Say your friend was high and doesn't know what he's talking about.
Try replacing all the fuses anyways, sometimes they may not look blown but they are. Its only a few bucks anyway, just make sure you use the correct one. If that don't work, take it to a tech.
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