So, I've been recording this for ages, it hasn't got vocals or guitar solos yet I'm afraid. I've been listening to it for ages to make adjustments to the EQ and move the tracks forward or backward to fix the latency, and I've gotten sick of hearing it and can't tell if it sounds good or not, so I need some feedback.

I'm happy with the songwriting, although any comments/criticism are welcome, but I'd mainly like any feedback about what aspects or sections of the recording and production needs work. I've listened to it so many times I can't tell what sounds good and what doesn't.

It's the only mp3 on my profile.

Long song, lol. Though that's not really a bad in thing in this case, in my opinion. This might just be my opinion, though I'm not exactly sure how it would sound, honestly, but I think the cleans in the intro could use a bit more reverb or delay. Just a touch. The guitars, to me, seemed a little muddy. Like at around 2:00 for example, but the production is still solid so they're still audible. It could just be the low tuning. The style seemed very reminiscent of Opeth to me. I'll probably have to give it a few more listens before I can think of anything else, but this was a very good song. Nice riffs, good tone and solid production as well. Great job overall.

Would you mind, though, listening to my (significantly shorter and underproduced) song? =).


Thanks, and good luck with any further songs/production changes.