This a death metal song i wrote today. it is entirely based on the black plague of europe. a few time changes and sig changes so hope you ike it. and as always C4C.

o and if your just gonna diss it or say thats good dont talk because i want criticism be as harsh as you like but i think iots pretty good.
here it is:
Rattle Your Goddamn Head!
I like the intro man, very nice riffs going there.
Verse is good too, typical death metal riffs, makes me wanna headbang
Bridge was good too...
I didn't like the pre-chorus and the chorus part for some reason...
I don't like when powerchords are played fast, maybe you should try and palm mute some of them or something, to make it sound more interesting, I don't know.
I also would work more on the drums, make them more crushing and heavy, like Cannibal Corpse drums or something, more powerful!

Overall it's a nice song, would sound better with a solo probably.
Thanks for the C&C by the way.
My only complaint here is the stock structure of the parts. The order in which each part comes seems natural, yes but also very generic.
Additionally, I think tremolo picked fifth chords don't sound good so perhaps drop the fifth and keep the tremolo picking on the root? this also allows for the two guitars to diverge.
All this needs is a little bit of work.

This was alright, I liked the intro riff a lot, although the drums could be better.. The 5/4 fill riff was nice.. You have some riffs in there that sound too happy for a death metal song though like those single string riffs in the end, in between the chords.. Avoid using whole steps, they don't sound evil, and don't really fit into the picture

I like how it picks up speed and then repeats riffs in higher speed, that's a nice idea

If you work on it a bit, I'm sure you can make it a lot better
thanks for the crit...sorry it took so long to return the favor, but anyway...

intro- i love the intro very cool heavy riff, its a good intro riff...
verse- nice very good, i love the drums
bridge- i didnt like this riff so much, i dont know why, maybe its just me
pre-chorus- this was a bad a-- riff friggin awesome
chorus- ok for the genre i guess, but im not a big fan of death metal
verse2- i liked this verse riff better much more heavier

overall- i liked it, i'd give it a 7/10
This song is good in some area's and awful in others. You're intro riff and Bridge are great but you're first verse, pre chorus and chorus kill the song. The first verse is too melodic and doesn't sound death metal at all. The Pre-chorus is not awful on its own but is awful in combination with the chorus. Save the fact that it sounds like a riff that should be in an old school grindcore song and not a death metal song. It doesn't work in this song or fit at all, save the fact the power chords don't work in this song the melody itself is too melodic for this. that's my overall take though.

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