I've read through the painting thread, but it all seems to be about the guitar itself. Please redirect me if I missed it

I'm not very good with materials and how they react to paint etc. I was hoping to put some of my art onto my guitar's pickguard. So it 'stands out' you could say.

Now it's just plastic, right? I assume that since it's not all glossed and prettied up like the guitar it shouldn't be too difficult. Would a permanent marker work on it? Any... specifics? Any risks, other than messing up my drawings of course

Thanks very much guys. I'm hoping to do this very soon
i wouldn't think drawing on the pick guard would affect anything except hiding the plastic.

But just a tip don't be like these art wannabe's and make it look all corny with gay stuff lol make something sweet like a monster hungry for the pick o.O...

but btw you know the paint of sharpee would fade in a while and look like crap right??
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Haha, thanks.

I wouldn't suppose there's any way to keep the marker from fading? What about anything else I can use to draw on it?
not so sure. but what does your guitar look like

provide some pics so we can tell if you actually need drawings on it XD
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I'll post some pictures up tomorrow if I can find this thread, family's over and my aunt is sleeping in my room

That's a picture of it from the guitar center website, though. In person it's darker than that picture, haha. I dunno, when I first bought it two years ago I loved how it looked. It's just grown so... ugh..
i dont think it'll affect anything, but you might wanna find a professional artist to paint/draw on it, but hey i seen one of joe satriani's guitars with some crappy drawings so its up to you.
There was a thread, about someone doing this a while ago. I think they said they did some clear-coat overtop of the marker. I know Jim has a pickguard with drawings on it. He could help you out.
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I used a black permanent marker once and after heavy use for a few weeks it started to blur. This will/may happen when you scratch it with the pick or when you anchor, or just over time because you most likely will touch it. Clear coat surely helps you.

Also, if you want to remove it later (without clear coat that is), you can just use a rubber.
Just clearcoat it... It's what everyone does when they have had their pickguards/cavity covers signed by someone. I did it too, and it works fine.
So I can draw on it with different colored sharpies, just cover it in clear coat, and it will stay?

Thanks for the replies by the way guys
Make sure you do some light coats first cause the sharpe will want to bleed on you so just take it slow and don't force it............That sounded dirty.........anyways yeah like the others said clear but not alot at a time.
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