I just bough a 15 watt Vox Valvetronix. Whenever I turn it on, there is noise coming from the amp. Even when I turn it on with everything set to 0, and no guitar plugged in, there is noise. The only way it goes away is if I setting the wattage down to under 10. Whats going on?
Not popping. Somewhere between humming and fizzing, a bit of a feedbacky sound.
Also, when I turn it of, it pops, but somebody in another topic I made said that that is normal.
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Quote by Ikonoklast
Low voltage lights can make your guitar sound horrendous...

I have had a lamp on right next to my amp. Could that be it?

EDIT: All electronic equipment in the room of and it is still happening.
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Hmm not usually lamps, but mains electrics. It could be a faulty piece of machinery inside your amp. Take it back, or, find a similar amp in a shop, put it on the same settings and then see if the noise is the same. If not take it back, definitely.
It's gotten even worse. Whenever I play, it gets louder. It's kindoff a static white noise now. And I seem to have lost distortion. When I first got it, if I selected the last amp model, and turned the gain full, I got insane distortion, now it just sounds clean but really loud.
I'll probably be taking it back. If they don't have any more Vox's, does anyone know any other amps in a similar price range that have good distortion?

Is there any possibility it could be my guitar, or is that out of the question?

EDIT: My t.v has started hissing as well, whenever the amp is on. Even if the t.v is off.
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