I'm looking to buy a new guitar.
Instead of asking the usual question of what should I buy, I'll ask this instead to get suggestions.
If you had a maximum of $600 what guitar would you buy?
*sigh* You must be new here....

What genre's/bands do you play?
Can you go used?

EDIT: I would save up another $100 bucks and get an Epi Slash Goldtop or a Schecter Blackjack ATX


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Fender Mexican Standard Stratocaster, either triple single coil or the HSS
Genres you play?

Would you get a telecaster for brutal death metal (some might, most wouldn't)
or a Kerry King handmade custom V for blues?
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Genre doesn't matter because I asked what you would buy


You may play country and western but I may buy a Br000talzz guitar, you may then buy that and find out that it sucks for country and western.

Just answer, what genres do you play?
New or used?

EDIT: If you're really that insitant.

A used Schecter Blackjack ATX V-1 FR.
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I just find it funny when people say "I play everything from Jazz to Metal"

What does that mean? You play only genres between the two if that is a possible concept?

Blues, fusion, jazz, rock, and metal? I just don´t get it.