i put this in the amps and accessories section but got no replies save for one that told me to go here

the red wasburn tele is the guitar this used to be in. the guy that originally had this guitar always did weird custom stuff to his axes so im not sure if this came with the guitar or not. and he's not around for me to ask him anymore. in late 2007 there were loose wires in there somewhere and i wasnt getting any sound after a while. so this tech was working on it and before he got it, it had been worked on by someone else who had modded the wiring so it became an epic fail. and this tech didnt know how to rewire this thing so its just a normal guitar now.

no one at my local shop could find any diagram for this. just wondering if anyone here knows enough about piezos to be able to tell me what to do with each wire? thanks

didnt you post this a few weeks back? if so, dont repost, bump at the VERY MOST.

edit- yes you did-


editX2- it looks homemade to me, those solder joints arent very consistant, and the lack of markings makes me wonder
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